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Matchstick Filler

Introduced around 1910 by the Weidlich Company. A small rod mounted on the pen or a common match stick depressed the internal pressure plate through a hole in the side of the barrel.

Making sure the nib is right!

Coin Filler

Developed by Lewis Waterman in an attempt to compete with the winning lever filler patent belonging to Sheaffer. A slot in the barrel of the pen enabled a coin to deflate the internal pressure plate, a similar idea to the matchstick filler.

The Button Filler

Patented in 1905 and first offered by the Parker Pen Co. in 1913 as an alternative to the eyedropper method. An external button connected to the internal pressure plate that flattened the ink sac when pressed.


Services Available

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We specialize in Nib Smoothing and Calligraphy nibs.

Nib Smoothing

We will make your rough 14 or 18kt gold nib, write smoothly.

Calligraphic Nibs

If you want your hand writing to achieve the thin ribbon like lines -thin line on the cross stroke, flair when angling and wide bold lines on the down stroke- that  makes a beautiful calligraphic style,  we can do that!

But basically, dear pen lover I understand the affection that you have for your pen, so we will perform our work with no delay, give us two days with your pen and we will ship it back to you even overnight if you want me to do so.

Our price structure is very simple, $45.00 to $100.00 depending on your needs. Limited Edition fountain pens and vintage fountain pens will be $100.00 due to insurance and nib risk.

My pen office shop is located in San Antonio, Texas. at:

11713 Spring Ridge Dr.

San Antonio. TX 78249

I ask you kindly to call me  at 210-908-2098 or 210-336-7497 or to my NEXTEL 142*36*7837, it is very important for me to assess accurately your needs.

If you need any further information, you can contact me, by email clicking here

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With the Fountain Pen Hospital staff
  Lever Filler  

Walter Sheaffer patented the lever filler in 1908. The W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company of Fort Madison, Iowa introduced it in 1912. An external lever depressed the flexible ink sac. The lever fitted flush with the barrel of the pen when it was not in use. The lever filler became the winning design for the next forty years, the button filler coming in second

  Click Filler  

 First called the crescent filler, Roy Conklin of Toledo commercially produced the first one. A later design by Parker Pen Co. used the name click filler. When two protruding tabs on the outside of the pen pressed, the ink sac deflated. The tabs would make a clicking sound when the sac was full.