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Lewis Waterman, an insurance salesman, was inspired to improve the early fountain pen designs after destroying a valuable sales contract with leaky-pen ink. Lewis Waterman's idea was to add an air hole in the nib and three grooves inside the feed mechanism.

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  Lewis Waterman  

Patented the first fountain pen in 1884. Pens  designed to carry their own supply of ink had existed in principle, for over 100 years before. For example, the oldest known fountain pen was designed by  M. Bion from France, and in 1702. Peregrin Williamson, a Baltimore shoemaker, received the first American patent for a pen in 1809. John Scheffer received a British patent in 1819 for his half quill, half metal pen  John Jacob Parker patented the first self-filling fountain pen in 1831.  However, early fountain pen models were plagued by ink spills and other failures that left them impractical and hard to sell.
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