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Handwriting Pressure

Choosing a pen is a personal statement, so selections of a nib should be a major concern. Heavy pressure writers should go with a broad or a medium nibbed fountain pen. A fine-nibbed pen is right for those who who exert a light pressure.
The pressure you apply on the pen has an effect, as can be seen.


About me


The excitement  that I felt for fountain pens drove me in 1977, to work for Sam Flax Stationary in New York, where I met Ralph Bendelac at the time, one of the most solicited fountain pen repair specialist, from him I acquired the skill to take care of your fountain pen nib, later on, I use to seek advice from Phil Weiderlight owner of the world famous "Fountain Pen Hospital", among others, acquiring the maturity and experience needed for the trade. for these fine gentlemen goes my eternal gratitude.

 Later on, as a pen manufacturer's representative for Waterman, Cartier, Yafa and Visconti , I had the opportunity to visit and train personnel for the most famous pen stores -Joon's, Arthur Brown, Fountain Pen Hospital, Fahrney's, Bertram Ink Well among others-.  

The passion for the fountain pen drove me to design some accessories and leather goods; directly related to the fountain pen; all using my guidelines on how to better use a fountain pen.

Some of these accessories are displayed for sale, in my products section.

Mission / Goals

I am committed firstly to pass on my experience, to you dear visitor, to let you get more from your fountain pen usage, and secondly if your fountain pen is writing "rough", I will make it behave again as new, or possibly even better.

Here, are some practical advises to better enjoy your fountain pen:

Contact Info

If your pen is writing rough or you will like to convert that cherished fountain pen to a calligraphy fountain pen please call me  at 210-336-7497 or NEXTEL  142*36*7837, I will assess your true needs, and only after, I will instruct you to ship me the pen.


Fountain Pen Hospital's Steve Weiderlight, Terry Weiderlight and me in the middle
  18KT Gold Nibs  

Gold is a very smooth and flexible metal. It conforms to the angle of the hand of each individual person.
It is also a non-abrasive metal  if adjusted properly, will not cut or scratch the paper.
18kt. gold nibs must be balanced with the body of the pen to produce smooth and perfect writing.

  Ideal Nib Size!  

XF~F Ideal nib size for people who write slow or very small.

M~B Right nib size for people who like to write very fast or very large.

M For average writers who write slow or BLOCK PRINT